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Fair Deal Policy

  • £25 minimum charge on all workshop repairs
  • £25 fixed charge on all Epson printer repairs with No Fix No Fee
  • All other work by no obligation quotation
  • No nasty surprises and no nasty bills!


WEpson Printers and Scanners

Epson Express Centre

Computer Xpress are one of a number of Epson Express Eentres. The Express Centres were set up by Epson as a network of local drop in centres for warranty repairs and exchanges for their range of Inkjet printers and scanners.

The purpose of the Express Centres have subsequently been widened. While the emphasis is still on warranty servicing, we also provide a focus for general advice on Epson products. Also Epson run a variety of promotions from time to time through the Express Centres.

Epson Printers and Scanners

We offer the full range of Epson printers, scanners and multifunction printer/scanners from the inkjet range.

As a rule of thumb printers and multifunctions can be divided into two types.

1. General Purpose Printers

These use four cartridges (black plus the three colours) and are perfect for anyone who wants to print mostly text and graphics with the occasional photograph. They will still reproduce photos well but they lack the detail of the dedicated photo quality printer.

2. Photo Quality Printer

These have additional cartridges such as a light cyan and light magenta and this together with other enhancements, give them the ability to reproduce finer details from photos. Bear in mind that the more inks a printer takes, the more expensive they will be to run.

In addition most of the multifunction units in the Epson range are now wireless which means they can be connected to your laptop or desktop computer without any cables. This offers several benefits - for instance, the printer can be placed anywhere within wireless range and not neccesarily next to the computer. If you have more than one computers you do not have to set one up as the print server.

We offer a full installation service for printers. Please contact us for details.

Epson Express Repair Centre

If your Epson printer or scanner develops a problem during its warranty period you can call us or just bring the unit to the shop.

All you need to bring is the unit with the problem and your proof of purchase. Proofs of purchase that can accept are

  • Till receipt or invoice
  • Bank or credit card statement
  • Serial Number (if you registered with Epson)
  • Epson extended warranty

We aim to turn all printer repairs round as soon as possible. Generally if we are unable to repair the unit we will replace it, either from stock or direct from Epson.

We also offer an out of warranty repair service on Epson printers. We have a standard £25 charge for most printers with the exception of A3 printers which are costed individually. We can offer this repair service nationwide - with a collection and delivery charge in addition to the repair charge.

Email or call for details.



Epson Inks

We stock a range of Epson inks for the popular range of printers and most other inks are available to order, usually with 1-2 day delivery.

Why use Epson ink? There are many cheap so called compatible inks on the market. These compatible cartridges are without exception a false economy. These cartridges use inferior ink that is not fade or water resistant and will inevitably give disapointing results when printing photographs.

More importantly, these so called compatible cartridges can cause severe damage to your printer. They are susceptible to leaking which can cause longterm problems with the printer and the ink formulation can damage the print head.

You should also be aware that using non-Epson inks in your printer during the warranty period can invalidage your warranty.

Epson inks cartridges do cost a little more but this is because they cost more to make! Epson cartridges:

  • Use high quality inks designed to pevent damage to the delicate print head.
  • Contain cleaning fluid as part of their formulation which keeps the inkjet nozzles clean and unbocked.
  • Have a sophsticated valve mechanism protected by patents that only allows ink into the print head when it is needed.
  • Use pigment based inks that are water resistant and will not fade for up to 99 years. Perfect for outdoor notices.