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Fair Deal Policy

  • £25 minimum charge on all workshop repairs
  • £25 fixed charge on all Epson printer repairs with No Fix No Fee
  • All other work by no obligation quotation
  • No nasty surprises and no nasty bills!

WRepair Service

We can offer a comprehensive repair and upgrade service. We use modern hardware analysis tools to diagnose hardware faults and we have a vast experience of software repairs.

Upgrading your computer can often be more cost effective than replacing it entirely. It is also the better option for the environment. Upgrading means less replacement of components which in turn means less waste and less environmental impact.

With Computer Xpress you can rely on us for a rapid yet fully professional repair or upgrade service. We offer a fast turnaround on all repairs. We also quote on all repairs or upgrades. Upgrades can be quoted prior to receipt of your computer. We also offer a competitive courier service (collect and return) if required.



Hardware repairs can be frustrating and potentially costly if not plain inconvenient! A faulty hard drive for instance, if not attended to promptly can result in the loss of all your data; irreplaceable if not backed up.

At Computer Xpress we will first analyse your computer to check if there is a hardware problem using modern diagnostic equipment. We then quote for the repair, either by phone, text or email. Then we replace the faulty hardware, configure and where neccessary update.

Because your data is precious we always carry out a full backup before we carry out any diagnostics or repairs.

We operate a fair price policy on all repairs. We will always quote a price before going ahead with a repair, unless agree when you drop the computer in.

For further enquiries please contact us



Windows has an annoying habit of going wrong just when you want it do something! Viruses and spyware are also an ever present threat on today's Internet. Even the most careful user with up to date protection can pick up an infection.

Typical symptons of a virus or spyware infection are slow running, frequent and persistent pop-ups and unwanted websites opening.

At Computer Xpress we offer a range of options for software repairs. You can rest assured that you will get your computer back fully working and ready to connect to your network. All your data (photos, email, contacts etc) will be saved and if neccessary, restored to their original locations. Any software that we reinstall will be configured and updated making the transition as painless as possible!

For further enquiries please contact us


If your computer is running slow or if it is just not doing what it should be doing you might be thinking of replacing it with a new and more powerful system.

In some cases replacement is the most economical option but upgrading is still worth considering and if the circumstances are right, could be much more economical.

At Computer Xpress we offer a full upgrade service and we can do much of the initial work by email without even seeing your computer. And even a major upgrade can be surprisingly pleasantly priced!

We only use top quality components for our upgrades and all upgrades are guaranteed for a one year. All upgraded computers are fully configured and as with al our other work, your data will be backed up prior to any work taking place.

For further enquiries please contact us