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Fair Deal Policy

  • £25 minimum charge on all workshop repairs
  • £25 fixed charge on all Epson printer repairs with No Fix No Fee
  • All other work by no obligation quotation
  • No nasty surprises and no nasty bills!


WSpares and More...

We can supply most computer hardware and software spares for you to carry our your own repairs or upgrades. We also have a number of second hand parts for desktop and laptop computers. The Following is a small example of what we can offer for sale.

Please contact us for further details.



Upgrading your monitor is one of the most cost effective things you can do to your computer. Modern monitors have a clarity that we could only dream of in the past! And widescreen displays look better and allow you to view movies in true widescreen.

For the best quality get one of the digital displays. A DVI or HDMI interface monitor gives even better quality display - perfect for viewing movies, playing games or just for viewing your favourite photos.

Modern displays are also kinder on your eyesight. The faster refresh rate and better contrast helps reduce eye strain.

USB External Hard Drives

These are invaluable for backing up and moving large numbers of files. Mostly these are bases on laptop drives so are not only much smaller than the bulky units that used to be supplied, but being USB powered, they do not need a separate power supply.

Drive sizes start from 250GB and currently the largest size we can supply is 1000GB.



Wireless Technology

Wireless networking has revolutionised the modern computing experience.

  • Wireless Printers make sharing a single printer with a number of devices very simple. Your laptop, desktop and iPad can all be connected to your printer.
  • Wireless Networking means that you can put your computer anywhere in your house and still connect to the Internet.
  • Wireless Keyboards and Mice eliminate more clutter from your desk.
  • Bluetooth technology means you can connect your phone, headphones and more to your computer.