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If your computer is running slow or if it is just not doing what it should be doing you might be thinking of replacing it with a new and more powerful system.

In some cases replacement is the most economical option but upgrading is still worth considering and if the circumstances are right, could be much more economical.

At Computer Xpress we offer a full upgrade service and we can do much of the initial work by email without even seeing your computer. And even a major upgrade can be surprisingly pleasantly priced!

We only use top quality components for our upgrades and all upgrades are guaranteed for a one year. All upgraded computers are fully configured and as with al our other work, your data will be backed up prior to any work taking place.

For further enquiries please contact us

Hard Drive

Your hard drive is the main storage area of the computer.

To operate effectively Windows needs a reasonable amount of free space on the hard drive. If your hard drive is more than three quarters full you should consider replacing or adding a second drive.

There are two options with a drive that is getting full.

  1. Replace the existing drive with a larger one. It is usually possible to clone the old drive to the new one which is cheaper and quicker than reloading Windows. Rarely it is neccessary to do a new installation of Windows.
  2. Add an additional drive. This option means there is no need to reload or clone the operating system across. User's files are transfered to the new drive

For further details please contact us

Major Hardware Upgrade

A slow running computer can be caused by many things but ultimately if the hardware is out of date there will be considerable benefit with carrying out a major hardware upgrade.

For this we will usually replace the motherboard, processor and memory. It is not usually possible to replace the motherboard without replaceing the process or memory for instance.

Sometimes the hard drive can be kept and sometimes we will recommend replacing it as well. Running an older, slower hard drive with modern hardware can be a false economy resulting in an under performing system.

This can revitalise a computer system and has the advantage that you can keep your existing operating system case and optical drives. It is not only a considerable saving over a new computer system but it is better for the economy.

For further details please contact us


SSD Drives

Without doubt the best upgrade you can make to your computer is to fit an SSD hard drive.

SSD drives are solid state so have no moving parts and are significantly faster than traditional disk hard drives.

Fitting an SSD will make Windows load faster and will speed up the loading of programs once Windows has loaded. This is a significant improvement. It's difficult to quote actual speeds because so much will depend on the rest of the hardware but it is not unsual to have Windows load in less than 30 seconds.

The one disadvantage with SSD drives is their relatively small capacity. A 120GB SSD drive is affordable and 256GB drives are a little more expensive. The price for larger capacity drives goes up significantly. For this reason we usually recommend a combination of an SSD drive for Windows and programs with a traditional disk drive for data storage. This set up works extremely well and we have set up numerous systems this way.

For further details please contact us